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Trees or no trees? Grass? College Green Plaza

Stephen James Smith please stand up at the Freedom Lookout.

Brenda Malloy Please play your harp on the Grass.

Ciaran Cuff please ride your bicycle.

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'Member of the Institute of Designers in Ireland'


An Overseas Membership MIID Application was made on the 31/10/2016 for a team member! Looking for foward to the future!!!

Benefits of IDI membership include:

Exclusive right to the title 'Member of the Institute of Designers in Ireland' (MIDI / FIDI / GIDI / UIDI)
The right to display and present a certificate of IDI Membership
Listing in the online IDI Directory
The right of use of the IDI Member logo
The opportunity to apply to the Register of Professional Designers in Ireland
Future progression to Chartered Designer
Access to senior designers and practice leaders within the IDI Membership
Access to IDI run mentoring and professional development opportunities
Opportunity to enter the annual IDI Design or Graduate Design Awards
Invitations to attend IDI seminars, exhibitions, lectures and discussions
Skillsnet member discounts on all courses now available to IDI Members
Access to IDI resources, training materials and guidance
Access to IDI recommended professional services
Access to job listings and internship opportunities
The IDI Code of Professional Conduct
Access to Research publications

Here is a list of few core things the IDI does:

Represent the design community at a government level
Lobby for legislative action supporting job creation, training and education for design
Promote excellence in design through the Irish Design and Graduate Design Awards.
Manage the Registered Designer in Ireland process and lobby for Chartered designer
Support Continued professional development through training
Provide access to key design research publications in collaboration with the UK Design Council
Support the publication of Iterations, Ireland’s only Design Research Journal and Practice review. 
Collaborate with other stakeholders to run National events like Irish Design 2015. 
Link industry to education, graduates and future research. 
Collaborate with members on EU research in the Design sphere. 
Post jobs in Design
Help, promote and run design talks and conferences. 
Represent you, as a designer, protecting your career and your future income.


Arts Council do not have the resources to support a Celtic Revival or Decade of Commemorations with Celtcia

According to the Art's Council a Decade of Commemorations with Celtcia is not a funding priority. It also highlights that Visual materials supplied by Celtcia are not architectural in their content or ambition this is despite the content appearing in an Advertising Architecture exhibition at an international venue. Has the Arts Council ever supported architecture with Celtic or Irish Symbols? I guess we will never find out...

Celtic or Irish symbols that make Indigenous Irish Architecture are not a priority for the Art's Council with it's engaging architecture program. Ireland needs to come out of it's medieval obsession with hope and a Celtic Revival might just be the answer...

Since its revival in the 1850s, the Celtic cross has been used extensively as grave markers. This was a departure from medieval usage, when the symbol was more typically used for a public monument.



Motion 1261 to Dublin City Council raised by politicians

Dublin City Council have been asked under motion 1261 to formally review and provide a report for a 100 year anniversary flexible civic space concept proposal that can be configured in a variety of traffic options that can provide for Buses, Luas cars and people depending on the program. Which needs to be developed further in an open environment. This is just the formal starting point of the consultative process.

Ireland has been missing Irish Influenced design and investment in the built environment for the last 100 years which is very difficult to do successfully.

It needs to go back to it’s roots and become a nation of hope again.

Any country within the European Union deserves support from Brussels to be able to celebrate a 100 year anniversary with a long term vision and future if it does not have the money itself. Ireland received a spire for the millennium it now needs to aim twice as high and become a functional nation of hope again and allow children of the future a space to play. It should include playgrounds, spaces for Grandfathers and Grandmothers to sit and some grass would be nice in the brutal Dublin Environment yet alone a safe toilet for your children with security in the center of town. It would boost tourism and hope for the people of Ireland. If the vaults of the former Irish Parliament , Bank of Ireland and Trinity College where opened up to the public we don't think the people of Ireland would say no. Give Irish people the choice to decide the future and become a city of hope.


Thank you for your support updates to follow...