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College Green Plaza doesn't need ONE plan it needs many.

The complexes surrounding College Green Plaza and it’s environs are profound and run deep. So profound that one plan alone will not solve these issues given the competing uses of time, quality ,cost and access competition between transport providers.

So how many plans does College Green Plaza need?

College Green Plaza Plans:

  1. Temporary Traffic management plans.

  2. Flexible design plans with significant options for ABP

    1. Includes options for Fosters Place, Bank Of Ireland, Luas re-alignment and single track study, Trinity College, Below Ground options and local options. Only if the significant reasonable alternatives are considered will the application succeed.

  3. Part one PLAN which is approved by ABP subject to conditions.

  4. Extensions implemented.

  5. The Plan that allows for a Metro Station or route in close proximity as per Copenhagen as well as a future staffing model to accommodate modal shift.


There are many issues to be resolved lets hope the future of Ireland is shared with all. Only time will tell if the pedestrians are truly allocated the same amount of road space as the Luas in key pinch points in the proposals.

Let’s see if the new year ushers in transparency, hope and a shared future….

Celtcia win the public vote on College Green Plaza!!!

Well we where fortunate enough to win the public vote against the Dublin City Council Designs we hope Breda Gannon the Inspector on this case and take into account the international implications of these project and support good planning and design....


Celtcia intend to lodge a formal complaint with the Department of Foreign Affairs & the RIAI.



2018 comparison of College Green Plaza #plazagate2018




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Trees or no trees? Grass? College Green Plaza

Stephen James Smith please stand up at the Freedom Lookout.

Brenda Malloy Please play your harp on the Grass.

Ciaran Cuff please ride your bicycle.

Support Celtcia!!!