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€3,000,000.00 Architectural Competition:

3,000,000.00 Architectural Competition:

Celtcia has announced a three part architectural design competition regarding College Green in Dublin, Ireland. To ensure the best architectural outcomes are achieved Celtcia are offering generous competition to try and find the best result for one of the most important architecture and urban design set pieces in history.

Email one A3 page at 150dpi of your design to Include your name and contact details in the email. Entries must be received prior to the 17th of March 2016 1:00am St Patrick's day. Three entries will be shortlisted. This shortlist will be labelled “trinity”.

a)       Entries that are shortlisted will be offered a surprise one way ticket to a destination in Europe.

b)       If any entrants can successfully license their or celtcia’s designs  exclusively to in the next 12 months with a successful and funded business case. Celtica will award 3,000,000.00 from this case to the winner.

c)       For every time you blog/messageboard/facebook or get press or media you will receive one bonus point. The keywords are luas cross city, college green, bus gate , 2016, Dublin City Council, Architecture, Design, Urban Design, Public Space, Proposed Part VIII Application , Christopher Manzira, Senior Executive Engineer, Roads & Traffic Planning, Cuffe ,

In 2009 Celtcia released a photo montage of College Green. 2 years later President Barrack Obama and his First Lady visited Ireland and spoke in the middle of this design concept. This competition is open to the public.

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.”
“We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to create a civic space that we can be proud of as a national civic space,” said Cuffe. “We’ve got to get it right.”



4 quarters of Irishmen's honest opinions on the work of Celtcia...

7th of September Panama canal close to 100 years and an estimated cost of US $5.25 billion in 2006...

Shane B:

"I like the idea of incorporating the shamrock into a new style of modern Irish architecture to give us back our own sense of identity" 

Shane D: 

"Having spent New Years on College Green last year I love the idea of developing the area in a way which makes it more Irish, Similar to O'Connell St"

Mark B:

"Very tasteful modern architecture that embraces our cultural symbolism"

Derry O N: 

"I really like this idea and I feel that this proposal really captures a sense of Irishness that Irish people will be proud of" 

Motion 1261 to Dublin City Council raised by politicians

Dublin City Council have been asked under motion 1261 to formally review and provide a report for a 100 year anniversary flexible civic space concept proposal that can be configured in a variety of traffic options that can provide for Buses, Luas cars and people depending on the program. Which needs to be developed further in an open environment. This is just the formal starting point of the consultative process.

Ireland has been missing Irish Influenced design and investment in the built environment for the last 100 years which is very difficult to do successfully.

It needs to go back to it’s roots and become a nation of hope again.

Any country within the European Union deserves support from Brussels to be able to celebrate a 100 year anniversary with a long term vision and future if it does not have the money itself. Ireland received a spire for the millennium it now needs to aim twice as high and become a functional nation of hope again and allow children of the future a space to play. It should include playgrounds, spaces for Grandfathers and Grandmothers to sit and some grass would be nice in the brutal Dublin Environment yet alone a safe toilet for your children with security in the center of town. It would boost tourism and hope for the people of Ireland. If the vaults of the former Irish Parliament , Bank of Ireland and Trinity College where opened up to the public we don't think the people of Ireland would say no. Give Irish people the choice to decide the future and become a city of hope.


Thank you for your support updates to follow...


Celtcia await Leo Varadkar and Luas Cross city responses to a flexible civic space at College Green, Dublin, Ireland

Celtcia have asked for Leo Varadkar and Luas Cross city to respond to the proposals of Celtcia and the Decade Of Commemorations. Would this proposal boost tourism and hope in the city and country?