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College Green Plaza, Dublin, Ireland






Celtcia are an emerging collective that forms creative partnerships with private business and government in the built environment.

Celtic Irish Activation is an innovative forward thinking design group that is research based and without borders. Please get in touch with us if you would like to know more.

He would walk to College Green every day to drop-off and pick up his love who worked there. While he waited he would imagine a different College Green a College Green that was safe and peaceful. On weekends they would often spend time at Dublin Garden’s in Dublin Castle by the Office Of Public Works and watch children running rings around Celtic knots.

College Green is an architectural set-piece that has the potential to become one of the most important civic public spaces in the history of Ireland. Without your support the democratic values of culture and architecture may remain at very low levels. This flexible concept intends to change that.

Symbolism can be understood without borders it can be marginalised. Since its revival in the 1850s, the Celtic cross has been used extensively as grave markers. This was a departure from medieval usage, when the symbol was more typically used for a public monument.

Public spaces are full of Celtic knots and tension between transport and people this design placemaking concept incorporates a primary trapezoid space with a new pivot/centre point for the city with a fountain that lights up with colour and dances at night to music. It can also convert into a stage. This knot could be a precious metal such as brass or bronze that simmers in the light while children  use the playground in Fosters Place.

The freedom lookout is a carved public speaking platform where there could be spoken word competitions, bands and a photogenic vista lookout to climb. Stephen James Smith may even have a poem or two.

The concept was developed prior to 2009 and visualized. In 2012 it was submitted by the Green party to Dublin City Council as part of the Strategic Public Realm Strategy. This was also voted on by Dublin City Council in 2013 under motion 1261. Since then after about 15 options we are where we are today. We have had no funding or support for over 10 years.

Jorn Uztons’ relationship with Australia is an example of where the best of intentions miscue. Let’s make people fall in love with College Green again. We have the ideas to make a new World Class national monument and deliver stronger social and tourist benefits to the people of Ireland.